It is with the deepest regret that we have to inform customers that ASY Cornwall will no longer be trading.

It has always been our stance that we wouldn't be going anywhere due to this pandemic crisis, this was always our wish. However as the weeks have turned into months and the months are looking like turning into a year. The industry inside opinion is that we're going to be unable to entertain properly until the vaccine is in full circulation.

With this in mind and the reduction in the SEISS support going forward, we have no choice but to return to our native north west. We have kept going as long as we possibly can and have been treading water since March.

We WILL be honouring all money paid to us, we obviously are unable to do that currently as we've not had an income for 10 months. However we have a branch of ASY in the north west that will trade again and as soon as that's allowed and entertainment is viable at weddings, we will begin the process of returning all deposits and money paid to us.

We would like to thank all our customers for the support you've given us in the 7 years we've been here. We're devastated but we really have been left with no choice. If we tried to sit it out it would mean us having to close everything and being unable to honour any refunds, we're never going to let that happen.

If you've paid deposits or your function in full please inbox us so we can give you details on how to contact us for refunds, when we're able to do them.

We have lots of contacts here and will help anybody that needs it find alternative entertainment.

So, so sorry again. We really hope you all understand.

Steven and Annette xx

Please contact us at for more information regarding refunds.